The Power of a Pure Water Ritual

Rituals are like little pieces of music. Enter a ritual, and we begin a dance that we already know by heart. Our movements become fluid because everything happens in a certain way, and our senses begin to take notice again because the focus is unswerving and present. Preparing your daily supply of purified and mineralized water in our BINCHO bottle is one such ritual to help stay grounded and aware of our fundamental dependence on the basic elements of life. We call it slow-water. It takes a little longer than opening a bottle of mineral water; but in that time, time stands still. 



Aesthetics is central to any ritual. And good, timeless design is key to our philosophy at Sort Of Coal, because good design lasts. So we asked the talented Danish designer, Salem Charabi, to design the ideal, functional and aesthetic bottle for our range of KISHU BINCHOTAN sticks - a simple water bottle to be used every day, again and again, to be treasured and loved, and eventually passed on to someone special.


“Aesthetically I view the bottle as an elegant frame for the coal, like a vase to its flowers,” explains Charabi. For practical reasons the bottle is heavy at the bottom so the coal doesn’t create overbalance, while the shape locks the coal neatly in position while pouring. This is how the bottle attained its pure and subtle form, which dramatically plays up the wild and organic shapes of the coal. 


“The bottle fits in the fridge, is easy to pour and is designed as an aesthetic addition to the table,” says Pernille Lembcke, Founding Director of Sort Of Coal. “Guests are curious to taste the water, and especially children are naturally fascinated by the bottle with the black coal inside. Very often they reach for the water bottle rather than lemonade or soda pop. Children have a great understanding of quality, as long as they are given the chance to choose it.”