Sort of Coal at Tom Dixon's Multiplex

Held to coincide with four of the most important events on London’s creative calendar – London Fashion Week, London Design Festival, the BFI London Film Festival and the Frieze art fair – MULTIPLEX will bring together design, technology, fashion, film and interior with the purpose of exploring how the future of retail might look, sound, smell, taste and feel. 



Sort of Coal has been invited to participate at the MULTIPLEX premiere. “We see it as an opportunity“ says founding partner Pernille Lembcke. “By questioning borders and playing with materials and shapes we have arrived at a context of our own that reflects our core values of Innovation, Devotion, Playfulness and Beauty.“

The installation has been realized by covering a wooden structure with black plaster gauze to create two shells that lean against each other like two enormous blocks of wood. Upon closer inspection this seemingly solid structure will begin to reveal its true delicate and fragile nature - just like White Charcoal.



The space has been designed by Salem Charabi. He explains; “The installation leads us to experience the true vibrancy of the White Charcoal in an honest and intimate space. It awakens our senses to the intriguing, purifying structure of White Charcoal, infused in the cleansing scent of the Char Essence - thus transforming our perception of purity.“

Sort of Coal will sell their purifying White Charcoal design products in the pop-up space for the duration of MULTIPLEX.



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