Sort of Coal x Bec Adams

17. September 2019

Over the past year, we’ve tasked ourselves with the heady process of reinventing ourselves. A brand is merely a set of values that an identity then stems from. In order to rediscover this identity (products, campaigns, partnerships), we had to take a close look at what has made us—us.

We started by travelling to where the company started over a decade ago: Wakayama, Japan. A small prefecture located south of Osaka, home to the craft of binchotan. What we experienced was a feeling of being at ease with nature. An appreciation of craftsmanship and a love for the arts. Most important of all, a friendship with time; a feeling that time is an ally if treated right. Nature doesn’t track time.

It was during that trip that we had our first call with Barnabe (@barnabefillion), who we tasked with translating the Sort of Coal ethos into a scent. A distillation of a decade’s work, reflective of the values and ingredients we hold dear. An homage to our closeness to nature, Japan and the craft of binchotan. While we are still in this seemingly never-ending process of reinvention, we’ve come to terms that this is our universe, no one else’s. And in this stupor we lift the curtain, look inwards and onwards, staring blankly at what comes next.

As we grow, we naturally look for different mediums of expression. So a few weeks ago, we asked Bec Adams (@billiebadams) of the collective Les Filles ( to translate not where Sort of Coal is, but where it is going. The result is a playlist that is as potent as it is easy. Thank you Bec, Barnabe and everyone else on this journey with us. Listen here.