A new direction

12. August 2021

SORT OF COAL started with a fascination with Japan and Binchotan Charcoal. A decade later, our fascination has taken on many forms and has translated into water, body and air products used around the world. 

As we evolve, we are incorporating new elements into our universe: a scent inspired by the Japanese wilderness where Binchotan comes from, a new visual identity, as well as a new refill system. We explore a new way of creating: a way of connecting the dots between our base in Europe and our company’s roots in Japan. 

Working with world-renowned parfumeur Barnabe Filion, we developed a subtle scent composed of nine natural essences and evokes lush and peaceful greenery:  

We shared our dear memories of very specific places in Japan that nourished  our spirits forever. In those spaces, rituals appeared as a great source of inspiration. SORT OF COAL is for me the perfect reminiscence of the beauty of those precious memories. This smell that I created is about those places full of details, textures but also simplicity. The balance of Earthy and woody; mineral and spicy as a harmonic experience.

— Barnabe Filion  

In our ever-hectic lives, we hope that the new scent can offer a welcome escape from the noise; transporting you to a place where nature dictates rhythm, allowing for pause and mindful reflection.

The new body line is versatile in form and function. Our SHIRO WASH and KURO WASH were especially formulated to cleanse the hair, body and hands, and are packaged in refillable glass containers, reducing the use of plastic in our supply chain. The entire line is produced in Italy at a storied family-owned facility.

Alongside the scent, we collaborated with Christian Møller Andersen to create a new visual identity. We created a signature monogram, and a design vocabulary that helps identify each product – drawing inspiration from grid-based Japanese designs of the 70’s and Agnes Martin. The result: a new prototype for mindful cleansing products where craft and beauty find union.

The full press release can be viewed here.